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What is it ?

A crossover between machine learning, 3D imaging and human expertise. An all in one breathing monitoring tool, with all the benefit of traditional methods minus the inconvenient.

The ideal solution for medical professionals and patients alike who want a hassle-free way to monitor breathing

Accurate, non invasive, easy to deploy.

Opening up a new world of patient care

Our tool breaks down the limitations of traditional breathing monitoring methods.

With 95% of accuracy you can make more informed decisions.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable equipment and restrictive positions – our product allows you to monitor patients’ breathing seamlessly, enabling more personalized care and better outcomes.

Customized HFNC

Empower your clinical decision-making with our oxygen flow rate optimization tool. Improve patient care with confidence

Ventilator weaning

Ventilator weaning can be a challenging process, with failure rates ranging from 8.8 to 20%. Enhance your ventilator weaning protocols with our predictive analytics tool. Reduce extubation failure and optimize patient care


We offer precise and hassle-free diagnostic assessment of vital capacity. Our innovative approach provides a non-invasive alternative to spirometry, delivering accurate results with minimal inconvenience.

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Opening up a new world of patient care

↘︎ Lung lesions 

↘︎ Mortality

↘︎ Patient stay

↗ Resuscitation bed

↗ Staff availability

Our team


Erwan L'HER

Founder and CEO

Doctor and Head of the Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department at the Hospital of Brest.



Founder and General Director

PhD in Medical Imaging Processing at the University of Western Brittany




Director of LaTIM (Laboratory of Medical Information processing)